NHL Combine

June 30, 2013  |  Posted by David Pollitt
Prospects vying for a high draft position at the NHL Combine
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This past NHL Combine has come and gone, with a number of players competing to improve their draft status and show why they deserve to play in the National Hockey League.  Recently I was asked to write a blog article for HOCK.ly – A Digital Magazine (pages 20-21), talking about “How much does physical conditioning play in the part of a prospects vying for an NHL career.”  I talked with a few of NHL Combine veterans and consulted with several other NCAA strength coaches along with researching the scientific validity of the combine and how that affects a player’s draft status and ability to play at the top level in hockey.

I also talk about the NHL Combine and the various testing protocols they use in my book DRYLAND, and how you will be able to develop all the physical tools necessary to dominate on the ice.


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