DRYLAND by Coach David Pollitt

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Skate Faster

Speed kills in hockey and is the backbone of every skilled player. Outskate everyone on the ice by building the dramatic strength and power necessary for first-step quickness, high top-end speed, and amazing agility.

Shoot Quicker

Nothing is as dangerous as a quick, accurate shot on net. Become that player who can get into position faster and fire the shot off before your opponent even knows what hit them. Be that one guy on the ice who can drive to the net to follow up that shot and, if necessary, tip in the rebound.

Battle Harder

Become that rock solid player who never loses another one-on-one battle, competes for every puck and hits harder than anyone else. In short, dominate on the ice!

Last Longer

Play hard through the 3rd period and into OT without wearing down. Your speed and skill will shine as you power through games and play quality minutes without getting tired.

Dryland by Coach David Pollitt

Editor’s review

Hockey strength & conditioning expert David Pollitt takes the reader through the most comprehensive manual ever written on the subject of physical training for hockey. This fully illustrated reference provides both the theory and practical information for coaches, players, trainers and teams to make the most of dryland training

  • Over 650 images detailing every exercise.
  • Tables and diagrams of on and off-ice exercises and drills.
  • Sample off-season and in-season training programs.
  • A sample yearly program.
  • More than 75 ice hockey conditioning workouts.
  • Methods of testing for peak performance.
  • Tools to design your own yearly training plan.
  • Tips for developing your own Mental preparation plan.
  • Improving grip development for increased shot power.
  • Workouts for enhanced on-ice speed & agility training.
  • Improve flexibility to reduce the chance of injuries.
  • Recovery methods used by the pros to bounce back from tough training and games.
  • Olympic & kettlebell lifting chapters for maximal power development.
  • Injury prevention tips and suggestions.
  • A chapter on team preparation and how to get your team ready to perform.


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Professional & Collegiate Reviews

Tyler Doherty, CHL

Tyler Doherty“Thank you for everything you have done for me. I am a better player thanks to you!”

Tyler Doherty
Former Professional hockey player, Mississippi Riverskings, Central Hockey League (CHL)
Concordia University (CIS)

Taka Hoshino, NCAA

Taka Hoshino“Being a smaller player on the ice, I need all the help I can get. Not just to perform better, but to avoid injuries. Dave introduced me to off-ice conditioning and made me realize its importance. I noticed a huge difference in my ability to perform on the ice over the time I spent working with you, which helped get me to the D-1 level.”

Taka Hoshino
Sacred Heart University Pioneers, (NCAA Division I Ice Hockey)

Todd Bostrom, UCLA Strength & Conditioning Coach

Todd Bostrom“With his obvious command in the sport of ice hockey, David Pollitt has compiled a THOROUGH and PRACTICAL book on training. Sport specific can only begin to describe the extent of this book as he has covered hockey training from A to Z with virtually every aspect. It’s not a bunch of gimmicky crap you see in other books, but solid training information that is so specific to what these athletes really need. Hockey specific speed & agility training, hockey specific strength training and hockey specific condition is all covered in great detail in this book. He has provided ways to employ hockey specific speed, agility, strength and conditioning exercises to maximize their efficiency to help the reader reach their true potential. It is without a doubt the most complete book on hockey training I have ever come across and every hockey club from peewee’s to the Pittsburg Penguins should be using these training methods. If you are a hockey player, at ANY level, you had better kick off those skates and sink your teeth into this book, which is sure to be the key to unlocking your body’s true potential”

Todd Bostrom
UCLA Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach
Author of “Z Last Book You’ll Ever Need On Strength Training”

Matt Sellers, EIHL

Matt Sellers“I just wanted to tell you this book is amazing! Everything you have covered talks about the training I have been doing with you for years. The training programs, time and everything you have done for me helped get me into pro hockey with the Vipers. People who read this book will clearly improve their ability to play hockey.”

Matt Sellers
Professional Hockey Player, Newcastle Vipers, (EIHL) Elite Ice Hockey League

Chris Fraterrigo, NCAA

Chris Fraterrigo“Coach Pollitt has put together THE BEST book on training hockey players! I started training with his pro-group this summer and I have seen gains in my strength, speed and conditioning that I never thought possible. Before I always played on talent alone, but now I have great conditioning and strength to match. I highly recommend his training, and absolutely recommend this book.”

Chris Fraterrigo
Fitchburg State Falcons, (NCAA Division III Ice Hockey), Pro-Tryout with Toledo Walleye (ECHL)

Mike Burgener, Head Coach, USA Weightlifting Team

Mike Burgener“The book Dryland by David Pollitt is simply about the strength training and conditioning of hockey players! In my opinion Coach Pollitt goes beyond the call of duty by creating a systematic approach to achieving a desired result. His ingenuity has produced a lesson plan based on goal and objectives needed by the hockey athlete. Coach Pollitt’s work is outstanding and I recommend it to not only hockey coaches and players but to all coaches and trainers in other sports as well. I found drills to enhance skills that I am going to use in my developing of young weightlifters as well as athletes. Great job Coach Pollitt!”

Mike Burgener, MS (Exercise Physiology), CSCS
Senior International Weightlifting Coach (USA Weightlifting)
Head Coach of the Junior Women’s USA Weightlifting Team
Director of the Southern California Regional Training Center for USA Weightlifting

Oly Hicks, NCAA, Head Coach

Oly Hicks“Dave is 100% committed to improving his athlete’s performance. His passion for hockey conditioning is unmatched. I have seen his players make big gains in just one season, which goes a long way to help them achieve their athletic goals. This book is a great compilation of his unique ideas and I feel that every hockey player should read this book to help improve their game.”

Oly Hicks, MA
Head Coach in Italy SSI Vipiteno/Sterzing (Division II), former 7-Year NCAA Hockey Coach, & former Professional Player

Justin Todd, Pro Hockey Player

Justin Todd“Dave’s training methods have helped me out tremendously. Everything in his book, Dryland, from new conditioning techniques and workouts, to the variety of exercises has helped me improve physically and mentally. I owe a lot of my success to Dave, he has truly made a difference in my career so far.”

Justin Todd
Professional Hockey Player, ERC 99 Sonthofen Bulls, Germany

Nicholas Friebel, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Nicholas Friebel“I would strongly recommend this book to any hockey player or coach. Dryland, covers everything you need to know about how to become a better hockey player and athlete. Dave has written a truly complete training manual.”

Nicholas Friebel, MS, CSCS, USAW
Strength & Conditioning Coach, & Former Junior Hockey Player

Kevin Flather

Kevin Flather“It’s black and white. To be a successful hockey player in the game today you need a lot of tools. Strength and conditioning is becoming more evident with players becoming bigger and faster. In this book, Dryland, Dave has put together a complete manual for players to improve dramatically. Dave’s programs will push you in ways words can’t describe. But the pain is worth the pleasure in the end when you’re winning the race to the puck and skating past your opponent. Dave definitely changed my hockey career and I will always thank him.”

Kevin Flather
Dayton Gems, International Hockey League, (IHL), German Professional Player (EHV Schnheide 09)

Tim Cooper, BCHL, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Tim Cooper“I love it – It takes hockey training to a new level. A lot of information that trainers have to accumulate from many sources is all here in one book – Awesome!!! I train elite athletes every day and this new book has just made my life a lot easier. The Dryland Training for Hockey will become my summer bible for many young midget and junior aged hockey players!”

Tim Cooper, BSc (Kinesiology)
Strength and Conditioning Coach, Vernon Vipers, British Columbia Junior-A Hockey League (BCHL)
Owner of Cooper Fitness & Rehabilitation

Mark Thomas, EIHL, Team Great Britain

Mark Thomas“Dave, Dryland is an amazing book! As you know I’ve been using your programs now for many years as a junior and pro, and have to say the results have been vast. My level of play has improved and I am much stronger on the ice thanks to your help. I highly recommend your training methods and this new book.”

Mark Thomas
Professional Hockey Player, Sheffield Steelers, (EIHL) Elite Ice Hockey League
Member of Team Great Britain

Justin Anonas, NCAA

Justin Anonas2“Dave has helped me become an all around stronger player with his innovative training methods that keep me in the gym and excited to workout. He has helped me get to the next level of hockey with his inspiring attitude, and his motivation in the gym. Without his level of expertise I would not be able to perform at the level I am at now. ”

Justin Anonas
Wentworth Technical Institute
NCAA Division III Ice Hockey

Dan Gableman, NCAA Strength & Conditioning Coach

Dan Gableman“As an athlete, working with David Pollitt was one of the best experiences I have had with a strength and conditioning coach. Everything we did was extremely innovative and sport specific which enhanced my team-mates and my own performance on and off the ice. With this book David has taken his vast knowledge of hockey specific training and disseminated it for players at any level.”

Dan Gableman, BKin, CSCS, USAW
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at Union University (NCAA Division 1)
Former Goaltender, Boston University Terriers (NCAA Division 1 Ice Hockey)

Clint Hazen, NCAA goaltender

Clint Hazen“Dave, you’ve done a ton of research with this book and pretty much nailed everything. The book is very comprehensive and definitely a complete spectrum of training and variation. I’m going to have all of my athletes read it (especially the “putting it all together” chapter).”

Clint Hazen, BKin, CSCS
Fomer Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach, Simon Fraser University (CIS)
former NCAA goaltender

Josh Everett, Navy SEAL Strength & Conditioning Coach

Josh Everett“Dryland is the most complete book I’ve ever seen for training the hockey athlete. With the amount of hockey specific exercises and drills in this book you’ll never need another resource to develop a program to meet the specific needs of the hockey athlete at any level. In addition to the hockey specific information this book is chalked full of time tested methods of strength and conditioning that will work for athletes of any sport. If you are an athlete or you train athletes I highly recommend adding Dryland to your library.”

Josh Everett, MS, CSCS
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Naval Special Warfare Group 1: SEAL Teams 1, 3, 5, 7
Former Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, University of California Riverside

Stephen Margeson, AHL, Lake Erie Monsters

Stephen Margeson“Having used David’s training programs for many years I know that his conditioning workouts are awesome and have helped me get to the next level. After reading this book I started to smile as I know that many hockey players will now share my pain (and the results) that I have seen from David’s training knowledge.”

Stephen Margeson
Former Professional Hockey Player, Lake Erie Monsters, American Hockey League (AHL)

Ryan Galloway, NHL Linesmen #82

Ryan-Galloway“Dave is one of the most unique and sports specific trainers I have ever worked with. His creativeness backed by sound fundamental training principles, have helped me accelerate my own on-ice development to allow me to excel in my career. His writing brings a fresh perspective on what an athlete needs to do to be the best they can be.”

Ryan Galloway, BPE
Linesmen #82, National Hockey League (NHL)

William Doherty, President & Director, Banff Hockey Academy

Billy Doherty“Dave’s book is a testament to his commitment to seeing athletes become better and better. I have known Dave for many years and have had my athletes work under his guidance for quite some time. The common thread with their feedback is that they keep getting stronger, faster and they appreciate Dave’s commitment, passion and drive to make them better. If you are in the game, either as a coach or an athlete, this book will help you achieve your potential. Congratulations, Dave! Keep up the great work!”

William Doherty
President and Director, Banff Hockey Academy

Steve Phillips, Pro Hockey Player

Steve Phillips“David Pollitt‘s book is the most in-depth training manual I have ever seen designed specifically for ice hockey players. What I like is that his training techniques are designed to simulate the movements most commonly seen during a hockey game which is an important aspect of any training program. As a skill development specialist I see many of Dave’s exercises helping my students to develop the necessary strength to create many of the movements required to generate a powerful stride, hard shot, and a solid check. I would highly recommend this training manual to any player who wanted to advance their game to the next level.”

Steve Phillips
Former Professional Hockey Player
Hockey Skill Development Specialist, Hockey Contractor, Inc.

Steffany Hanlen, NHL Skating Coach

Steffan Hanlen“I have taken the time to go through David’s manual (Dryland Training for Hockey) and am impressed by how thorough and detailed he has been in researching and organizing this important component of the game. He has made a training manual for hockey players that is simple and clear while still teaching how to train the important physiological systems that need to be strong. This manual will be a good resource for players who train themselves but also for trainers and coaches who want to support their players and teams to work hard and get results.”

Steffany Hanlen, BPE
16-Year NHL Skating Coach (Edmonton Oilers & St. Louis Blues)

Jim McCrossin, NHL Strength & Conditioning Coach

Jim McCrossin“Dave’s book gives a great overview of conditioning for ice hockey. If you want to excel and learn this is a must read!”

Jim McCrossin, ATC, CSCS
Strength and Conditioning Coach, Philadelphia Flyers, National Hockey League (NHL)

Sean Skahan, NHL Strength & Conditioning Coach

Sean Skahan“I really liked David Pollitt’s book, Dryland.   You have all of these great training aspects included and it provides an outstanding resource for any hockey player at any level.   Following this program will help you achieve your goals as a hockey player.”

Sean Skahan, MS, CSCS
Strength and Conditioning Coach, Anaheim Ducks, National Hockey League (NHL)

Kirk Olson, NHL Strength & Conditioning Coach

Kirk Olson“David, with your book, Dryland Training for Hockey, you’ve created an excellent tool for hockey players to better themselves. The information is presented in such a way that it teaches players how to effectively train themselves. Bottom line: it’s not just a “Simon-Says” training program. A job well-done!

Kirk Olson, MA, CSCS
Strength and Conditioning Coach, Minnesota Wild, National Hockey League (NHL)


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