Deferred Gratification

June 23, 2013  |  Posted by David Pollitt
Deferred gratification to buy a BMX bike
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When I was 12 I really wanted a cool BMX bike.  Many of my friends had one, and I would watch them on the halfpipe doing jumps or trick out in the parking lot as I rode my beach cruiser type used bike I had.  At the time I had various part time jobs from shoveling snow to delivering newspapers, so I made money.  My parents thought it was better for me to buy my own bike so that I could get exactly what I wanted, but also so I would know the value of the bike.  Every week I would make a little more money and ended up buying my bike it parts.  I read all the BMX magazines and knew all the parts from Redline cranks to Haro handlebars.  Some parts I bought in Hawaii when our family was on vacation (the handlebars and stem), others I bought used from other people (my Skyway Tuff II wheels, Redline frame, pedals and cranks), and occasionally I would buy a new part via mail order from California.  It took me over 18 months to buy all the parts and assemble my bike to the point it was “perfect”.  This is deferred gratification at it’s finest.  But I remember it being a tremendous sense of satisfaction that I had been responsible for buying this bike and putting it together.

Fast forward this many years and I’m still doing this with my gym (Chalk Fitness), and my company (DP Hockey).  I put in a lot of hours on both of these businesses and save every extra penny so I can put back more and more into these companies.  Why?  Because this is my goal and it is the future for both my family and all the clients I work with on a daily basis.  As these businesses get better and can do more, I can realize my dream of changing the game of hockey through better and better dryland training.  It’s a pretty lofty goal, but the more I work towards it, the more possible it seems.

The point of this story is that dreaming big and working hard towards a goal is a wonderful idea for everyone.  We all have to do the day to day mundane jobs/duties and errands, but it’s how you spend your free time that matters.  Do you want to make the NHL…if so, work your ass of to get there.  Put aside the TV, the video games, the hanging out, the wasting time that we all do on a daily basis and get to work.  If your shot is weak, shoot 10,000 pucks in your backyard.  If it’s still weak, shoot another 10,000.  If you need help with your dryland training, buy my book DRYLAND and learn how to do it right.  Not sure what you need to improve on, talk to your coach or another expert in skating/player development.  This principle goes for everything…skating, school work, dryland training, or even building your own BMX bike.  Sacrifice for today what you will be able to accomplish tomorrow or the next day…as it will be better and more satisfying.


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