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Green Shake

July 26, 2013  |  Posted by David Pollitt
Coach Dave's meal replacement green shake

Six days a week I’m in the gym working with athletes.  Often times I have little time to eat a meal as training sessions are back to back for hours in the evening.  Over time I developed a meal replacement

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Archaic Warm-ups

July 25, 2013  |  Posted by David Pollitt
The hockey warm-up needs to change as the old system is archaic.

While the sport of hockey has advanced greatly in the last 20 years with new equipment technologies, training procedures, coaching, recovery methods and attention to small details I find it fascinating that out of our rich traditions we still choose

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July 23, 2013  |  Posted by David Pollitt
Cross-training is a key to developing hockey players

Gretzky played Lacrosse.  Milian Lucic was a boxer.  In fact, many of the games greatest players have participated in cross-training with other sports to compliment their winter ice hockey.  For a while now hockey governing bodies such as Canada and

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Hockey Hydration

July 19, 2013  |  Posted by David Pollitt
Hydration is key to high performance both on and off the ice

  Every day our bodies require a minimum amount of water in order to maintain a proper level of hydration. The body uses water for many communication functions such as transportation of hormones, chemical messengers and nutrients which leads to

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Embrace the Suck

July 18, 2013  |  Posted by David Pollitt
Cyclists know how to suffer and embrace the suck of hard racing

In the military US Army Rangers (among other soliders) have a saying for learning to enjoy the suffering they endure during long grueling training and while on extended missions in the worst environments…embrace the suck.  It basically means that this

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Summer Dryland Training

July 17, 2013  |  Posted by David Pollitt
Dryland training for hockey should include sled pushing as part of ANY program

It’s summer time.  For a hockey player that means to get away from the rink and into the gym, park, or track to get ready for next season.  Here is an example of what summer dryland training should be. In

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July 16, 2013  |  Posted by David Pollitt
BHA prior to a Junior game

Life happens, it develops like a breakout and evolves as the game flows.  We have ups and down, struggles and successes.  During my time as the strength and conditioning coach at the Banff Hockey Academy I had some great moments

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July 15, 2013  |  Posted by David Pollitt
Pro hockey player Justin Todd performing deadlifts

Want to skate fast?  Try deadlifts.  How about building tremendous strength and power?  Deadlifts again are a great choice.  What about injury prevention in the low back?  Yup, you guessed it, deadlifts. Used as a staple exercise in the mid

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Best Developmental Ice Hockey Leagues

July 14, 2013  |  Posted by David Pollitt
Dan Spence is an example of a player in the developmental system who is a top NHL prospect.

Recently I read a blog post by Anatoliy Metter of The Hockey Writers that talked about the Top 10 Best Developmental Ice Hockey Leagues (in North America).  His list of the top 10 best leagues is listed as follows: AHL

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Hockey Fitness

July 13, 2013  |  Posted by David Pollitt
Increasing your hockey fitness is a key area that all players should work to improve.

A couple of years ago I stepped away from playing hockey for a while.  Life had become nutty and with my business expanding I didn’t have the same time to play the game.  A year or so later I returned

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