About DP Hockey

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About DP Hockey

For a quarter century Coach Dave has been helping ice hockey players get to the next level with his comprehensive dryland training methods. He is internationally recognized as THE ice hockey dryland training expert, and through DP Hockey Coach Dave has coached thousands of players at all levels who can testify that his training programs are the penultimate in dryland training.

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Coach Dave has been training ice hockey players for a quarter century and has international credentials. He stands alone as the premier ice hockey dryland coach, and has written, DRYLAND, the definitive book on the subject.


  • 1990 Coach Dave began his career as a strength and conditioning Coach.
  • 2004 Coach Dave founded DP Hockey Founded
  • 2013 Coach Dave publishes DRYLAND
  • 2013 Coach Dave re-launches DP Hockey


Getting players to the next level in hockey using comprehensive dryland training methods.

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