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Getting players to the next level in hockey using comprehensive dryland training methods

I do this because I love hockey, and I love seeing players excel. I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t playing or coaching hockey. I just love the sport. At the end of the day DP Hockey is about the love of the game and about my players getting results through dryland ice hockey training. I want to see them playing at that next level.

My dryland training programs have stood up to decades of testing at all levels hockey, including the NHL. Anyone who’s serious about their development and willing to do the work can make it to the next level. Just ask the thousands of players I’ve coached over the last quarter century.


DRYLAND, by Coach Dave, is the definitive book on the subject of dryland training for ice hockey. There is nothing else like it, and no other Coach who could have written it. Click here to get your copy today.

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